Tigray forces hand over heavy weapons to Ethiopia.

MekelleŠć° Tigray forces started heavy weapons handover to Ethiopia today, under the peace pact signed in Pretoria on 02 November.

Commanders from both parties said that they have started a weapons hand over on 10 January 2023 during a joint press conference in Mekelle.

The number of heavy weapons submitted on the first round is yet to be specified.

Prior to the handover, Tigray forces collected thier heavy weapons and stored them in the town of Agula’e, 40 KM from the region’s capital Mekelle, near a camp where Ethiopian troops are stationed.

Red Sea Observer confirmed from Ethiopian Intelligence sources that Tigray army chief met his Ethiopian counterpart on Sunday 08 January 2023 in Bishoftu town of Ethiopia.

Commander of the Tigray forces, Gen. Taddese Werede, was flown on a special flight  to meet the head of Ethiopian Army, Field Marshal Birhanu Jula.

The Tigray commander concluded his meeting and returned back to Tigray in advance to the handover of weapons.

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