Eritrean arm must withdraw from every inch of the Tigray land.

Mekelle,Janaury 12,2023(Tigray Herald)

After the TDF has been hands ver his heacy weapons to Ethiopian Difence force mony International medias and political comentators are welcomed.

Senator Shehu sanu notes on his verified tweeter account “As the Tigray forces disarm in faithful compliance with the Obasanjo led AU peace accord, the Eritrean army must withdraw from every inch of the Tigray land.

More than 2 months since the Pretoria Agreement Eritrea/n forces still present inside Tigray  killing, raping, kidnapping and looting properties.

Amhara forces have changed their uniforms into ENDF and Federal forces and continued atrocities.

Some says Eritrea’s role in the genocidal war against Tigray has devastated the region and destabilized Ethiopia. Lasting peace and tability will require the verifiable withdrawal of Eritrean troops from Tigray and other Ethiopian regions.

The international community should continue to pressurize the Eritrean army to withdraw from the land of Tigray.  If not, the much-anticipated Pretoria Peace Agreement between TPLF and the Ethiopian government may fall apart.

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