Ethiopia says Amhara forces withdrawn from Shire and it’s surroundings.

The Ethiopian National Defence Forces said it has withdrawn Amhara forces from the town of Shire and it’s surroundings following the hand over of heavy weapons by the Tigray forces.

The ENDF, However, has only stated the Amhara forces are withdrawn from “Shire and it’s surroundings” and it is not clear if they were withdrawn from the whole of Western Tigray according to the Pretoria peace agreement which makes the announcement vague.

Furthermore, the statement hasn’t yet made clear if troops from neighboring nation Eritrea are withdrawn or are instructed to do so by the ENDF.

The Red Sea Observer learned the Ethiopian Army chief Field Marshal Bethany Jula travelled to the town of Shire on Tuesday 10 January 2020 to oversee the process of the withdrawal of Amhara forces.

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