The government of the Amhara region is Diploying a large number of militants into Tigray land.

Thousand of Amhara Militsa are diploying to Tigray

Three days ago, 40 vehicles loaded with Amhara militants entered Maitsebri and the surrounding area through Adi Arkai and camped in areas from Tekeze Mba Madre t, and the residents of Maitsebri and the surrounding area confirmed to Dimtsi woyane International by phone.

The eyewitnesses stated that several other vehicles carrying thousands of Amhara militants went towards Sekota and Salasendima.

Meanwhile, it has been learned that a person named Birhanu Alemayehu, who was appointed as the administrator of the Amhara region from Debarak and Adirkai, has declared that there will be no such thing as a fugitive from Monday, January 8, 2015.  It was also possible to find out that the settlement of people from Debarak in the town of Maitsebri is being carried out, and it is stated that the arrests and deprivations shared by Maitsebri have been intensified.

The information we received indicated that many of them were being arrested from their homes and shelters and taken to detention centers where they were being arrested and killed.

This violence is being done in Tahtai and Upper Tselemti districts, when the news that the Ethiopian Defense Army has eliminated the Amhara region militants and the area has been given wide coverage by the media.

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