Ethiopia ministry of trade and industry expert deligation in Tigrai

Ethiopia Experts from the Ministry of Industry in Tigrai to assess the amount of destruction caused in the manufacturing sector across the region.

The Ministry of Industry has announced that it will focus on restarting production facilities that have been destroyed due to the war against the people of Tigray and stopped working due to lack of supply of resources.

The leaders of the Ministry of Industry are conducting a working visit to the manufacturing facilities in Mekelle and its surroundings, with the aim of preparing a plan centered on the destruction of the sector.

During their visit, they confirmed that the Mekelle Industrial Park will be supplied with necessary resources and that work will begin immediately.
At the same time, Sheba Leather Industry and Samayata Hime Bared Factory located in Kokoro City witnessed the destruction in person and expressed that they were very saddened by the destruction.

It has been stated that the visit of the leaders of the Ministry of Industry is aimed at creating a situation where they can assess the destruction in the sector and start work immediately.

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