300 Tigraian soldiers released as thousands remain behind bars

300 Tigraian soldiers released

MekelleŠć°January 17,2023 (Tigray Herald)
Ethiopian government released 300 Tigraian prisoners from the Mirab Abaya military camp on 14 January 2023.

Their release comes ten weeks after an #AU brokered peace deal between the government of #Ethiopia and the #TPLF.

The released soldiers are among thousands of Tigraian members of the Ethiopian army detained at the start of the #Tigray war and many of them remain behind bars.

The soldiers profiled for their Ethnicity were held in camps notorious for torture and killings.

On 04 Dec 2022, The Washington Post exposed that at least 80 Tigraian soldiers were killed at the Mirab Abaya Military camp.

“some were shot by their guards, others hacked to death by villagers who taunted the soldiers about their Tigrayan ethnicity” the report says.

According to witnesses, similar killings and harassments continued to this day.

“Even after the peace agreement nothing has changed. The guards and recruits training in the camp insult and beat us. People are dying deprived of medication and many have developed mental illnesses.” a witness told the Red Sea Observer.

Some of the recently freed prisoners reached the age of retirement during their detention in the camps. Others were inactive members of the military who had already retired at the time of their detention.

They haven’t received salaries or any payment upon their release, RSO has learned.

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