Dagmawit Moges is going to lead the African Union Peace Fund Secretariat as a director

Mekelle፡January 18 ,2023(Tigray Harld)
Mrs. Dagmawit Moges, who was announced to be resigning as the Minister of Transport and Logistics on Saturday last week;  Sources told “Ethiopia Insider” that they were selected to run the African Union Peace Fund Secretariat as a director.  Sources close to her have announced that Dagmawit has received the “Government Representative Permit” from the Ethiopian government, which he needed to be employed as a director in the African Union.

The Peace Fund was established in 1985 to provide financial support for the African Union’s peace and security activities.  This fund, established in accordance with the Protocol on the Establishment of the Peace and Security Council of the African Union;  For almost 26 years, it has been largely ignored.  It was after 2011 that the Union revived the activities of the Peace Fund.

The African Union Peace Fund has five bodies that carry out the objectives for which it was established.  Which of these bodies is entrusted with the day-to-day operations of the Fund;  It is the Secretariat of the Institute headed by the Director.  Although it has been four years since the peace fund started its activities in a new form;  A director to head the secretariat has not yet been appointed as Ethiopia Insider reported.

On the other hand, sources said that Takele Uma was warned by the Prime Minister.
Sources told us that former mayor and minister Takele Uma was given the warning after he resigned from his cabinet.

It will be remembered that we have been reporting that Ato Takele Uma, who was organizing various businessmen, military officers and civil officials to claim that I am the next Prime Minister, may be fired after his actions were criticized by the Prime Minister.

It should not be forgotten that the people of Izemana and Abb, who are the allies of the Prime Minister, have been running a propaganda campaign by defaming Mr. Takele and exposing the alleged cases of looting.

Mr. Takele, who is said to be engaged in land, mineral and house robbery, was trying to attract the attention of the leaders of the Amhara region and trying to gather his Oromia counterparts, but he was suddenly dismissed last Saturday.
Especially during his tenure as mayor of Addis Ababa, when he discriminated against the relatives of activists and officials who were offered condominiums, he could not save Ato Takel from being fired.

After Mr. Takele was fired, he was called to the office by the Prime Minister and was told that he would face worse if he associated with any political figure and the West Shoa group he had gathered.

It was heard that they reprimanded them saying, “Unless you want us to get involved in something else, you will stop this thing” and it is said that they were offered an education opportunity as an alternative.

Sources told us that they were ordered to go to America to study and refrain from any kind of political activity.

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