Epiphany Celebrations in Southern Zone of Tigray After three years

Epiphany celebratio,Tigray Timket

Mekelle፡January 18,2023 (Tigray Herald)
Epiphany Celebrations in Southern Zone of Tigray For the first time in three years (1st Year due to COVID-19 and the last year due to War) Tigrayans Celebrate the Baptism of Jesus Christ.

Three years ago, the Epiphany festival was celebrated in the city of Maichow.

However, it has not been celebrated for the past three years due to the coronavirus and the invasion forces .

This year, however, the festival is being celebrated with various preparations, residents told Dimtsi woyane International.

The commentators said the cultural and religious values ​​of the festival should be preserved and passed on from generation to generation.

Although the #Epiphany festival is celebrated in South Tigray to a limited extent this year, most of the districts in the region are under invaders.

There is ample evidence that the people of Tigray celebrated the festive of Epiphany thousands of years ago. One of these is Mayshum in Aksum.

ማይ ሹም-Mai Shum (meaning chieftain’s water) in Axum,

ማይ ሹም-Mai Shum (meaning chieftain’s water) in Axum, Tigray is the ancient bath of the legendary Queen of Sheba.

In 6th century, Emperor Gebremeskel declared Mai Shum as the official location for Timket celebrations in the empire. Since then every January Mai Shum has been the point of focus when Timket is celebrated.

Happy Timket!

Tigray Cradle of Civilization.

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