Eritrean troops are getting deeper into Tigray, not withdrawing.

18th January – Today: More images of Eritrean troops in Shire, Tigray

Mekelle፡January 18,2023(Tigray Herald)
Here are some pictures from Shire, today, eve of Timket festival.

The Pretoria peace agreement, which has been in place for more than two months, is the one and main “ceasefire” and then sets out details that both sides must do.

One of these and the main one is that foreign invaders outside the Ethiopian army defense completely leave Tigray territory without delay(Concurently), and TDF also hands over heavy weapons to the Ethiopian army, the peace agreement says.

According to the agreement, TDF handed over heavy weapons in Agula last week in the presence of the African Union Commission of Observers and Inspectors. Similar work is being done on other fronts.

The commission also confirmed this in a press release.

However, the major points that the Ethiopian government should make are to allow humanitarian aid to enter Tigray without restrictions, open service providers, protect the safety of civilians, return displaced citizens to their homes, and withdraw foreign invaders from Tigray.

However, the foreign invading Eritrean army has unloaded its heavy weapons in the town of Feresmay near Adwa.

According to sources in the area, the Eritrean Army is also approaching the town of Adigrat and digging concrete trenches.

Picture reveals this morning indicates that there are also many Eritrean troops in Shire.

Therefore, if the peace agreement is to be implemented, the Pretoria Peace Agreement must be implemented by both sides.

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