Fano’s militia confirmed massive looting and gange rape in Tigray.

misgan Desye,Top fano leader

MekelleŠć°January 18, 2023(Tigray Herald)

A video has been released showing a leader of the Fano militants talking about the atrocities committed by the militants.

The Amhara Fano militia group, together with the Ethiopian Federal Forces and allied Eritrean soldiers, admitted that large-scale atrocities were committed in the Tigray region while fighting the forces of Tigray.

In a leaked video, Misgan Dasye, one of Fano’s top leaders, was heard talking about the various crimes committed by the Amhara Fano forces during the two-year conflict in Tigray region.

Fano members have reportedly committed serious crimes against women and girls in Tigray, including rape and gang rape.

Aren’t women ganged up on for three?  Didn’t they are you?  I was asking the members of Fano who were in a meeting because of the senior management of Fano.

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