After the Pretoria peace agreement, more than two thousand Civilan were killed by Amhara and Eritrean forces North Western zone of Tigray

Tekelay G/medhin,the governor of North Western Tigray Zone

Mekelle፡January 22,2023(Tigray Herald)
More than two thousand citizens were killed in the northwest zone of Tigray alone after the Pretoria Peace Agreement.

Dimtsi Woyane Tigrai spoke to the administration of the zone and reported that after the Pretoria peace agreement, the Amhara and Eritrean forces in the zone killed 2,100 citizens, and 36 of them were brutally killed.

He reported that the Eritrean and Amhara forces in the zone and organized under different names are committing brutal massacres against civilians in the Adiabo area.

  These forces committed a barbaric act by tying the hands and feet of four youths and setting them on fire in Saymti Adiabo district.

Adisalam kebele in Maghel Adiabo district massacred a family of 7 members and killed a mother with her daughter.

According to the Pretoria agreement, these forces, who were supposed to withdraw from the whole of Tigray, attacked 211 women in the northwest zone of Tigray alone, killed more than 2,116 people and abducted more than 680 people.

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