Over 600 houses of the Tigray natives were burned by Fano militant in western Tigray

MekelleŠć°30th January 2023(Tigray Herald)

The Amhara forces, who are operating with a plan that they will make a demographic change by occupying the land of Tigray, are still intensifying the violence and crime they are committing against the people of Tigray.

The success of their plan is that they are committing violence and abuse against the residents of West Tigray.

The authorities of the Amhara region are forcing the residents living in Wolqait area to inherit the houses and property of the residents displaced from the area.

Information received from the West Tigray Zone Administration indicated that if the Tigray natives living in the area do not inherit the houses and property of the displaced Tigray natives, they will make the displaced people from Gambella and Benishangul Gumuz inherit it.

Report of Amnesty International on Western Tigray

Following this, 600 houses of the Tigray natives were set on fire in the area called Kebele My Tch’i, which was closed in Wolkait.

The administration of Western Tigray Zone announced that the Amhara armed forces are engaged in the illegal displacement of residents and ethnic cleansing crimes against the people of Tigray.

It is to be remembered that US Secretary of State Antonio Blinken said that a genocide was committed in Western Tigray in January 2021.

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