Dictator President Isaias Afwerki his first interview in 2023

Isayas Afewerki,president of Eritrea

Mekelle፡12 February 2023(Tigray Herald)
Days after failing to answer short and direct questions  about his war crimes in Tigray, number of his soldiers killed in Tigray and his succession plan, from real journalists in Kenya, Eritrea’s first and only dictator IsaiasAfwerki is back to his trademark marathon interview with his state media.

This time 4 parts interview to be broadcasted over a month. In part 1 (1 hour and 20 minutes long) broadcasted today, he accused  the US  repeatedly saying “what I call the Washington clique” for all problems from Tigray, Ethiopia, Horn of Africa, MiddleEast, to the global South.

He  gave details on how he & AbiyAhmed took the 3rd round of the war as the final war against the TPLF and after three weeks  of major push, how “the Washington clique” rushed to save “the TPLF clique” in Pretoria.

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