Togoga Cement Share Company has been established with 17 billion birr.

Ashenafi Haile,chairman of the board

Mekelle፡21 February 2023(Tigray Herald)

Togoga Cement Factory Share Company has been established at a cost of 17.5 billion birr.

Chairman of the board of Togoga Cement Share Company, Ashenafi Haile, said the factory will play a role in solving the shortage of cement supply in the country.

The Togoga Cement Share Company was started three years ago but has not yet started construction due to the coronavirus outbreak and the genocidal war declared in Tigray.

The Togoga Cement Factory  will have 52 million shares ranging from a minimum of 100,000 to 500,000 birr, said Ashenafi Haile, chairman of the board .

The factory will be located on 900 hectares. The Togoga Cement  Share Company (TCSC) will create great opportunities in Tigray to move to a better level of development and growth than it was three years ago and will play its role in meeting the national demand for cement.

Tigrayans and friends of Tigrayans can buy shares, the association said, adding that banks, financial institutions and civil service employees can buy shares.

The sale of shares in all banks will start from next week.

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