Amhara militants completely looted Korem’s technical and vocational training College.

Amhara militant forces in Korem Town

Mekelle፡22 February 2023(Tigray Herald)

These forces have been committing countless atrocities, destruction and looting against the people of Tigray, their property and resources. They also loaded and took away transformers at Menkere and Hayalo stations (Ofla district).

The federal government has failed to fully expel the invaders in accordance with the agreement reached in Pretoria. They are looting and destroying his wealth and property. Therefore, the federal government and the international community should take immediate action against the forces that are still committing atrocities and looting against the people of Tigray and their resources.

In addition, the militants are going from house to house in Korem town and signing every resident of the town on a form prepared by the Amhara Regional State government.

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