Actions are being taken to hold individuals suspected of overcharging on flights to Mekele and Shire.

Mekelle፡28 February 2023(Tigray Herald)

Ethiopian Airlines is working to hold accountable those suspected of overcharging fares on its flights from Addis Ababa to Mekelle and Shire.

The National Information and Security Service (NIS) said in a statement that it is working together to investigate and hold accountable all those found overcharging and discriminating against the public.

The number of daily flights to Mekelle has increased to five and the number of flights to Shire has increased to nine per week, the statement said.

Necessary manpower is being deployed at all airlines to ensure adequate services to passengers.

However, it was revealed that certain employees and agents working with the airline were charging more than the stipulated fare.

The National Information and Security Service (NIS) has been monitoring the incident. Four individuals have been arrested and their cases are under investigation at the Mekelle Police Station.

Five agents working with Ethiopian Airlines have been suspended and their cases are being investigated.

Data consolidation work is underway to identify other stakeholders and take action.

The people were asked to be careful not to be fooled by illegals.

If individuals try to mislead, they should strengthen their cooperation with the security agencies in the area.

Information can be provided using the 910 hot line.

It is to be remembered that it was exposed by CNN that the airline was transporting weapons to kill the people of Tigray. It is also remembered that Ato Tewolde G/Maryam, a native of Tigray, who was leading the airline to be successful, resigned voluntarily.

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