Ethiopia transformed into a ‘militia state, led by Amhara warlords.

Amhara Expansionist Force(Fano)

Mekelle፡28 February 2023(Tigray Herald)

Ethiopia transformed into a ‘militia state, led by Amharawarlords, business- criminal elements, supported by the, Eritrean Dictator, becoming on their own entrepreneurs of violence.

Ethiopia is a country with more than three thousand years of history.  It is known as the symbol of freedom of the black people, which has maintained its own regime even though it was not colonized by the invaders.

In addition to that, its name is mentioned more than 40 times in the Bible and it is said that it is a holy country.

However, the atrocities committed against the people of Tigray in the past two years have proved that the country is not a holy country but a hell on earth.

To make matters worse, by inviting the invading forces of other aliens to her own people, she has declared a genocidal war against the people of Tigray to destroy the people of Tigray by using drones, which are the world’s modern military technology.

As a result, more than 1 million people of Tigray were killed by the invaders, more than 3 million people were displaced from the Red Sea, and more than 120 thousand women were raped.

The people who have been supporting all these problems are the Amhara Elites.

These elites have been preparing for 30 years to destroy the people of Tigray and invade its history.

In order to implement this project of destruction, they invited the government of Eritrea and invaded the people of Tigray.
Although the war in Tigray, which has caused many casualties, both opposing forces reached an agreement to end the war in Pretoria at the end of last November, but the elites of the Amara region still want the war to continue.

As a result, they are putting a lot of pressure to keep the country from becoming unstable and to be governed by warlords and Militias.

Amhara fano,being trained in Eritrea

According to the peace agreement, Eritrean and Amhara forces in Tigray must withdraw.  However, these expansionists are declaring that they will not leave West Tigray and Raya.

Many people are expressing their concern that this bad action may lead the country to another round of war.

Along with this, there are political analysts who say that the country may be in danger of a faild state that relies on a warlords.

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