Who can be the president of the interim administration of Tigray

Members of the presidium

Mekelle፡1st March 2023(Tigray Herald)

Political parties, Tigray army, religious leaders and various organizations and sections of the society have been invited to the conference.

According to the agenda of the conference, the members of the presidium will be elected by the conference members after the opening speech by the convener of the organizing committee.

Once this is done, a document on the conference process will be presented. After the discussion of this document, the document on the establishment of the interim administration will also be read out to the participants for discussion.

Ideas requiring decision will be separated and voted on. Afterwards, the document of organization and separation of powers was read out and discussed.

The conference was chaired by Tadesse Woreda, Zewdu Kiros, Leah Kassa and Muluwerk Kidanemaram.

The opposition parties expected to attend the meeting did not attend.

They said the reason is that the interim administration of Tigray is not inclusive.

The congress will elect the president of the interim government of Tigray.

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