Conference on the Establishment of the Interim Administration of Tigray has concluded

Mekelle፡ 2 March 2023(Tigray Herald)

The conference was held from February 1st to 2nd March, 2023 and concluded today with the adoption of various resolutions.

The participants said, “We pledge to put the safety and survival of our people first and foremost and to fight hard against anyone who hinders this.” They also issued a seven-point statement of position.

Accordingly, the next president of the interim administration of Tigray will be announced.

The participants of the conference were 401, of which 351 participated with votes and 50 without votes.

Political parties, Tigray army, religious leaders and various organizations and sections of the society,Irob and Kuna members were invited to the conference. However, the opposition parties did not participate in the conference.

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