Delegates from Ethiopian Ministry of Health visited Ayder Hospital.

Lia Tadese (D/r),Minister of Ethioian Helath ministry

Mekelle፡ 2 March 2023(Tigray Herald)

“Delegates from Ethiopian Ministry of Health visited Ayder Hospital. Officials of our Hospital presented the major problems including lack of medications, laboratory reagents, budget, salary etc.
We hope they will understand the gravity of the problem and  act in short time to end the misery.” Tigray

Last month, for the first time in two years, when federal high-ranking officials visited Tigray, it is to be remembered that the Minister of Health, Dr. Lia Tadese, was not included in the group. 
Dr. Lia Tadese is a native of Tigray and she is the leader of the high officials who massacred the people of Tigray by lining up with Abiy.  It is also known that hundreds of thousands of citizens died due to lack of medicine during the genocide declared in Tigray.

  It is expected that these senior health minister’s experts will travel to Tigray to realize the severe lack of medicine on the ground and find a solution. 

Delegates from Ethiopian Ministry

The government of Tigray has announced that emergency aid is being provided to Tigray in a better manner after the Pretoria Peace Agreement, but medicine and medical supplies are not being provided sufficiently. 

The media of Tigray reported that the World Health Organization, aware of the drug scandal in Tigray, donated medicine to the Tigray Health Office three days ago.

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