Eritrea’s continued massacring of civilians in Tigray has to stop፡Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus | World Health Organization (WHO) says.

Tedros Adhanom (D/r) Director General of World Health Organization WHO

Mekelle፡ 2 March 2023(Tigray Herald)

“Too many people have lived through horror the last two years, and have endured enormous loss. Eritrea’s continued massacring of civilians in Tigray has to stop. Peace is the first step towards recovery.”

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus | World Health Organization (WHO)

Dr. Tedros commenting on new article by Washington Post titled “Hundreds killed in Ethiopia even as peace deal was being reached”Just days before a deal to end the war in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, soldiers from neighboring Eritrea last fall massacred more than 300 villagers over the course of a week, according to witnesses and victims’ relatives.

United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations director Senator Bob Menendez also says  Horrifying news of massacres in Tigray as leaders worked to secure a peace deal last fall. Accountability for these & all atrocities is critical to enduring peace. Abiy Ahmed Ali must allow UN HRC’s International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia unfettered access.”

He also added that I have a feeling that as it relates to Ethiopia.  Some of your collegues have an ASPIRATION, but it is not an aspriation that is being realized. In the interim, half a million people (in Tigray) is killed.
So, how long do you wait before the aspiration is realized to use one of your tools for peaceful diplomacy?
We only have a handful of them.❞

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