Which offices were given to the opposition parties in the Tigray interim administration?

Mekelle፡ 3 March 2023(Tigray Herald)

It will be recalled that the meeting of Tigray Interim Administration ended yesterday.

Based on this, it was decided that the presidency of the Tigray interim administration should be led by the TPLF and the vice president should be from scholars.

In addition to this, 9 offices were given to the TPLF, six offices were given to the opposition parties and two were given to the Tigray Defense Force. 

After all, who are the offices given to the TPLF, the opposition parties and the Tigray Defense Army?

Based on UMD Media sources who were part of the conference, below is the allocation of positions in the interim government of Tigray  under establishment as approved at the two days conferences held in Mekelle.

The conference was boycotted by Tigray’s three opposition parties.

Medias other than party and government media were allowed only for the opening and closing ceremony.

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