COHA stopped the war, not the genocide.
Tigray’s hunger situation in “emergency” phase.

peoples scrumling food on the street of Mekelle

Mekelle፡ 4 March 2023(Tigray Herald)

Tigray is the bleakest humanitarian case in northern Ethiopia today.

Aid agencies say Tigray’s hunger situation in “emergency” phase.

Latest map shows that people are dying due to lack of food.

The people of Tigray have gone through a painful agony due to a concerted campaign of genocide tigray

This is insane. During the last military offensive OF THE WAR twice as many people were receiving food aid in Tigray than they are now during “peace.”

There is no better weapon for the Ethiopian regime than a quiet war, without bullets being fired. And the recipients starving & their offsprings having a stunted growth. The desired results being achieved. An effective weapon of war.

People beghing door to door in Tigray

Because he didn’t succeed the first time he tried, it doesn’t mean he will stop trying to wipe out the people in a different way. That’s why justice and accountability are important.

Ethiopia-based UN  agencies like UNEthiopia,WFPEthiopia & OCHA_Ethiopia are still trying to paint a false image of the conditions on the ground in Tigray.  The reality is Tigray remains under a brutal siege and people in need are starving.

In the last reporting week, for example, WFP  was able to distribute much-needed assistance to only 27% of what it had planned due to “Communication challenges”.

Less than half of the people who need assistance received aid.
Now, compare this with the “Humanitarian supplies consistently being delivered to assist people affected by conflict” Humanitarian supplies consistently being delivered to assist people affected by conflict in #Afar, Amhara and Tigray.

But The reality on the ground is a catastrophe TigrayGenocide

In large parts of the region, Tigrayan civilians are going through hell as they did for over two years.

It’s worse now. And it’s by design.

Five months ago, a peace pact was signed to end Tigray War. To this day the de facto blockade around Tigray continues. There are only two aid corridors functional.

People are dying due to starving and lack of medicine. This is part of TigrayGenocide.

What is the roll of peace agreement?

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