The leaders of Tigray denied the establishment of an intrim administration

Getchew Reda Spokes person of TPLF

MekelleŠć° 6 March 2023(Tigray Herald)

It is not true that a temporary administration will be established in Tigray without the participation of Addis Ababa [federal government]. Tigray is only playing her role.

TPLF’s top leadership Getachew Reda’s response to the information that has been spread that a temporary administration has been established in Tigray region yesterday,March 5, 2023.

TPLF spokesperson and Central Committee member Getachew Reda said that the claim that a temporary administration was established in the Tigray region following the agreement reached in Pretoria in October is false.

The bloody civil war in northern Ethiopia, which lasted for two years, ended on October 23, 2022.  After they signed a peace treaty on South Africa.

The TPLF spokesperson denied the claim that the interim administration of Tigray had been established following the news that the party had established an interim administration with 28 members.

Getachew Reda, a senior leader of the TPLF, said that the interim administration will be established after the parties that signed the Pretoria Agreement have discussed.

“If Addis Ababa [the central government] participates, it is untrue that a temporary administration will be established in Tigray.”  Tigray is only playing its own role,” Getachew Reda wrote on his Twitter page on Sunday.

It will be recalled that a committee for the temporary administration of the Tigray region was established a few weeks ago.  However, this committee was criticized by politicians and scholars for not being an inclusive committee established by the TPLF and Tigray forces.

Although the senior leadership of the TPLF says that there is no interim administration, the opposition parties in Tigray region have been demanding the establishment of an inclusive interim administration.

The parties say that an all-inclusive interim administration is better for the Tigray region to recover from the devastation caused by the war.

The parties complain that the TPLF has overseen the process of establishing an interim administration.

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