Tigray Native ENDF Members

Aug 29, 2023 Mekelle (Tigrai Herald)

Tegaru Diaspora members calls on the people of Tigray and the government, as well as all peace-loving Ethiopian citizens, to put pressure on the members of the Ethiopian Defense Forces who are ready to fight the Amara and Oromia wars after 5 years of imprisonment and return to their villages.

Since the prosperity party came to power 5 years ago, Tigray Native members of the defense forces have been subjected to severe abuse by being dismissed and arrested for being left-wing.  The remaining thousands are still suffering from starvation and some of them are dead and languishing in prisons.

Although they were briefly released from the Pretoria Peace Agreement, if most of them want to be released and their pension rights respected, they are being offered a mandatory condition to participate in the Amhara and Oromia war.

Therefore, we urge the people and government of Tigray, as well as all peace-loving Ethiopian citizens, to give them a voice so that this overlapping abuse is stopped and the people of Tigray, who were members of the defense forces, are not hindered in a war that is not their concern.

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