“Fano has not Shot down 3 helicopters, tanks” – Field Marshal Birhanu Jula

“The defense army is fighting in the Amhara region with only 10 percent of its capacity” – Field Marshal Berhanu Jula
E.F.D.R.  The Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, Field Marshal Birhanu Jula, said, “The National Defense Force is fighting in the Amhara region at only 10 percent (of its capacity).”

Regarding the current situation in the Amhara region, the field marshal said in a video message broadcast on the national television station on August 25, 2015, that “Amhara and Oromia extremists have reached a point where they are no longer a threat”.

The Chief of Staff said, “They used a drone, captured three helicopters, captured a tank, killed a general, and it is not possible to gather youth shouting that there is no victory.”

He added, “Show him the tank, the helicopter, the drone.”  Why doesn’t he show if he is impressed?” they asked.  “It shows that people are lining up to lead the fight;  It’s a shame,” he added.

  “The Amhara people have shown that they are not with them at all,” said the field marshal.  Leave them – fight in peace – if it is a struggle, they said.

It will be remembered that at least 183 people have died in the fighting between the Defense Forces and Fano militants in the Amhara region in just one month.

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