President of IAT Getachew reda slams the lower structure of TPLF

President of IAT Getachew reda slams the lower strucrmture of TPLF

The lower structure of government has become an obstacle to interim administration.

There is a movement to prevent the Tigray Interim Administration from establishing itself and doing its job.

Excerpts from the statement by the Interim Administrator, Mr. Getachew Reda, today.

On top of your speech, we have already spoken out loudly that the interim administration should pay attention to this as the struggle and structures, zones, townships, districts and stations are appointed by the TPLF office and receive orders directly from the TPLF office head

Now, however, Getachew Reda, who has prevented the interim administration from reaching the people, has been able to speak out.

Although it has paid a lot of price, it is not too late. We call on the government structures from zone to station to be freed from the TPLF and be led by an interim administration and responsibility should be handed over to the people.

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