GSTS urges for a swift establishment of Interim Regional Council, Maintenance of Security and Order in Tigray

Sep 10, 2023 (Tigrai Herald, Mekelle ) In a statement of position issued yesterday the Global Society of Tigrain Scholars and Professionals called for urgent establishment of Interim Regional Council and maintenance of security and order all over Tigray.
GSTS highlighted the absence of an elected regional council in Tigray and effective representation in the federal architecture of Ethiopia including the house of federation, the parliament and the executive arm and other constitutional institutions.
The scholars association urges all concerned bodies to immediately devise and implement effective law enforcement and criminal justice mechanisms that address existing, evolving and emerging security challenges.
The society also called for a rapid and robust assessment of the institutions entrusted to enforce law and order including the immediate reinstatement and deployment of the Tigray police force.
GSTS stated Tigray is facing alarming problems in maintaining law and order that continue to disrupt the daily life of the people due to serious crimes and fragile law enforcement and criminal justice system caused by the genocidal war and the brutal siege perpetuated.
“GSTS remains deeply concerned by the prevailing insecurity and challenges with the criminal justice system in Tigray and calls for immediate measures and interventions to guarantee the safety, stability and livelihood of the people of Tigray”, read the statement of position.
GSTS also underscored its demand for reconstitution and reform of a civil service that is delivery oriented, ethical, effective and independent from political party’s illegitimate interference.
The society stated its readiness to assist such restructuring process through the provision of appropriate expertise and efforts to build capacity when necessary.

It is to be recalled that the GSTS released a statement of position on 31th January 2023 stressing the importance of establishing an inclusive, broad-based, transparent and participatory approach in the process of establishing the interim administration in Tigray and the establishment of an inclusive and representative regional interim council on February 19, 2023.

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