The Injury I have sustained is beyond my words.Mehari Kahsay

The injury I have sustained is beyond my words. How someone can be this cruel to his own brother? I didn’t want to disseminate this while I was in prison. I was afraid my parents would worry. That’s why I withhold it.

But I think withholding this cruelty any longer is supporting the crimes to prolong. We can only echo the voices of the victims of the brutality when we uncover the cruelty inflicted upon us. If I failed to do so, I would be standing against justice. It would also mean I am willing for these crimes to be inflicted on other innocent civilians.

If I uncover this, it would spare someone from a harm. I want to show that my allegiance is against those who beat me.

I have also professional responsibility to take a lead in uncovering these atrocities and motivate other victims to speak about the atrocities. It will also play a positive role in the fight against oppressions.

My soul longs for justice. This is the least I can do for democracy and justice.

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