Setting strong  and clearly define Tigrayan Narratives in  Post Genocide Tigray.

By Yerga Yaecob

Mekelle፡ 24 September 2023(Tigray Herald)

“The  importance of Tigray intellectuals  Common Purpose of Narratives is indispensable Setting strong  and clearly define Tigrayan Narratives in  Post Genocide Tigray.

Religious, cultural, political Narratives is
Verey important in shaping society and history.a narrative can change the course of history.

Stories, narratives   are a powerful and compelling way to transfer knowledge and information in a memorable way. Even as adults, we are transported into an alternative frame of mind through the experience of listening to a story. Stories provide meaning, and these tales and anecdotes help us to connect to the bigger picture.

a general outline of how a Tigrayan-led media might shape historical, cultural, and political narratives in post-genocide Tigray for a common purpose:

Historical Narrative:

Emphasize the resilience of the Tigrayan people throughout history, highlighting their contributions to Ethiopia’s historical fabric.
Acknowledge the atrocities of the genocide but focus on the survival and strength of the Tigrayan community.
Promote the idea of learning from history to ensure that such tragedies never happen again.
Cultural Narrative:

Celebrate Tigrayan culture, traditions, and heritage to foster a sense of unity and pride among the people.
Encourage the preservation and revitalization of Tigrayan languages, music, dance, and art.
Promote cultural exchange and understanding among different Tigrayan communities and with other ethnic groups in Ethiopia.
Political Narrative:

Advocate for a democratic and inclusive government in Tigray that represents all ethnicities and promotes reconciliation.
Highlight the importance of accountability and justice for the victims of the genocide while promoting a path of forgiveness and healing.
Stress the need for regional stability and cooperation to rebuild Tigray and contribute positively to Ethiopia as a whole.
Common Purpose:

Promote unity among Tigrayans by emphasizing shared values, goals, and aspirations.
Encourage dialogue and cooperation among different political, social, and cultural groups within Tigray.
Advocate for a vision of Tigray as a region that values diversity, human rights, and equitable development.
The media’s role would be crucial in disseminating these narratives and fostering a collective sense of purpose among Tigrayans in the aftermath of such a traumatic event as a genocide. However, it’s important to note that media should also strive for objectivity and balance to ensure that diverse perspectives are heard and considered in the post-genocide recovery process.

the Common Purpose of Tigrayn Narrative.
Tigray -Aksum is home of the  three main Abrahamic religious Judaism, Christian, Islam   in the horn of Africa and red sea regions.

Creating a historical, cultural, religious, and political narrative for a common purpose in Post-genocide Tigray is a complex and sensitive task that would require collaboration and careful consideration among Tigrayan religious and  political  leaders and media outlets.

Here’s a brief outline of how such a narrative might be developed:

Historical Context: Begin by acknowledging the rich history of Tigray-Aksum as a region with deep historical significance. Emphasize its role as one of the oldest centers of civilization in the Horn of Africa.

Cultural Diversity: Highlight the cultural diversity within Tigray, with various ethnic groups and traditions coexisting harmoniously. Promote the idea that this diversity is a source of strength and unity.

Religious Pluralism: Emphasize the coexistence of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in Tigray-Aksum, showcasing the region as a beacon of interfaith tolerance and understanding.

Reconciliation and Healing: Acknowledge the painful history of genocide and the importance of reconciliation and healing. Promote narratives of forgiveness, unity, and a commitment to building a better future.

Political Vision: Develop a shared political vision that promotes democracy, inclusivity, and respect for human rights. Emphasize the role of local governance and community involvement.

Economic Development: Highlight the potential for economic growth and development in Tigray, emphasizing the importance of self-sufficiency and sustainable practices.

Education and Awareness: Use media outlets to educate the population about the importance of the common purpose narrative, promoting a sense of collective responsibility.

International Engagement: Seek support and partnerships with international organizations and governments to help rebuild and stabilize the region.

It’s important to note that creating such a narrative should be done with the utmost care and inclusivity to ensure that it resonates with all segments of the population and promotes lasting peace and prosperity in Tigray-Aksum.

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