IRA President calls for introducing pluralist political culture and ensuring no monopoly of truth in Tigrai

Mekelle፡ 17 October 2023(Tigray Herald)

IRA President calls for introducing pluralist political culture and ensuring no monopoly of truth in Tigrai

In his remarks during a closing ceremony of the three-day national mourning period held in Mekelle Martyrs’ Monument this morning, President of the Tigrai IRA Getachew Reda calls for introducing a pluralist political arena and ensuring that no entity in Tigrai has monopoly of truth.

Getachew called for getting rid of the “vicious circle” stating failure in leadership, in addition to the enemies’ evil acts, played a significant role in exposing the people to this worst moment in history.

Stressing on the need of rethinking about the past grave mistakes, the president called on everyone to be ready to question and discuss on how to change common agony into mutual recovery.

‘’ Not only is that what our enemies did to cleanse us that has to be documented, but to ensure that everyone involved is held accountable for whatever it takes. This is not for compromise ‘’, he underscored.

The president also pleaded to ask what went wrong during the course of leadership that left many at risk of total annihilation.

‘’As leaders we have to ask why are we here? What we did or what we failed to do that led us to this genocidal war. We have to publicly investigate this with no procrastination. We have to regret and learn from it. We have to shamelessly face it and everyone should take its share” spoke in front of the mass.

The president also asked to end the trend of making sacrifices every three decades and to correct the political arena which he believes plays a great role in ending what he called the vicious circle.

Reiterating on the political culture of his region, he stresses for civilized political struggles.

“We need to develop a politics that values the noblest human resources of Tigrai” reiterated the president.

In his closing speech during the closing ceremony of the national mourning period, the president also stated the people of Tigrai made the sacrifice together when needed and they have, for the past few days, been mourning together in memory of the fallen heroes.

Getachew said the recently declared national mourn has enabled the people and the leadership to comprehend the depth and extent of the sacrifice made to save millions of others.

“No matter what, everyone from every corner of Tigrai has made sacrifice and our super heroes will always be remembered” added the president.

He further called for the memorial services to be accompanied by the duties to compensate what the martyrs were sacrificed for.

He also pleaded to work on alleviating injustice and maladministration the people continue to face to date so as to emancipate the people that made matchless sacrifice to end the genocidal campaign.

The president also said deepening the peace, returning IDPs home and striving for the fullest implementation of Pretoria agreement are his administration’s top priorities.

Getachew added working for peaceful coexistence and love with neighboring people is of high value.

The president also demands for concerted efforts to satisfy the demand from every corner of Tigrai and calls for tightening unity to skip the critical juncture.

Getachew underscored strengthening unity and solidarity will have the power to reverse every challenge the people of Tigrai keep facing.

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