The Prosperity Party-led government of Ethiopia has continued its barbaric mission of killing innocent people at their homestead.

Mekelle፡ 19 October 2023(Tigray Herald)

The Prosperity Party-led government of Ethiopia has continued its barbaric mission of killing innocent people at their homestead.

OLF Press Release

The government security forces massacred 20 civilians in West Showa Zone, Jaldu District, Kibbetti Kebele. The following are some of the victims whose names have been identified so far. 1) Worku Alemu (student from Salale Univerity, 2) Meskerm Birhanu (12th-grade student), 3) Chamera Qaani, 4) Dirro Urgessa, 5)  Baqala  Assafa, 6) Diribsa Abidisa Dabala, 7) Abdisa Dabala Mucha ( killed with his son mentioned under number 6), 8 Teshome Bisira ( also killed with his child), 9 Dabaltuu Tashoma Bisira, 10) Bashana Muluna, 11) Motuma Guta, 12) Qanani Barsisa, and 13 Abbitti Biranu.

On 14 October 2023, again, the armed forces of the government of Ethiopia also opened fire against the residents of North Showa Zone, Warra Jarso District, Migiro Baddessa, and Gito Milki kebele and killed more than 20 people, including a mother with her four children. Some of the victims whose name has reached us are 1) Gabayyo Gammachu, 2) Shuree Habtamu (aka Suyume, with her four children), 3) Irrana Yayya (with his two children), and Demise Sagu. Twelve people were severely beaten, and their lives are currently at risk. Moreover, the security forces abducted over 30 people from the same kebele. Some of the abductees’ names are 1) Shallama Gammachuu, 3) Tolera Masqala, 4) Taddass Tolera, 5) Jima Dirribe, and 6) Kasahe  Taffasa and 7 Amde Abarra. Their whereabouts are not known so far.

In South Eastern Oromiya, Western Arsi Zone,  Adabba District,  Haqoo Kaarraa Kebele, at a particular place called Balloo Gadabba, the Ethiopian National Defense Force,  on 17 October 2023,  mercilessly set fire to the residential homes of eight innocent civilians and incarcerated several of them, accusing them of feeding the Oromo Liberation Army(OLA). Those victims whose names we have identified so far are 1) Abubakar Sade Weeboo, 2) Batuli Tusa, 3) Qasim Batuli Tusa, 4) Bakar Ambee, 5) Xaha Sheik Hassan, and 6) Bamud Dube. In the same kebele, more than 25 people were incarcerated without legal charges. A few of the names of those jailed are: 1) Baqqala Damee (elderly), 2) Abdulkarim Bariso (elderly), 3) Jamal Qasure 4) Gazza Kasa 5) Mahmmad Husien  Abdulkarim ( head Youth League) 6) Madina Usman 7) Tamima Abdulqadir Gishe Qasure 9) Nasru Qumbusa 10) Hamza Qasimo 11) Rijal Sh/Ahmad 12) Jamal Jarso 13) Kamiso Fattoo 14) Siraj Adam 15) Usule Allo, 6) Isaa’il Mammade 17) Adam  Abdullahi and 18 Janbaru Kabbada.

These are new and recent assaults on innocent civilians. It should be remembered that similar and more severe barbaric acts have been perpetrated against the Oromos in the last five years. We have been earnestly documenting those atrocities and making them known to the world’s peace-loving people and human rights organizations. We reiterate and strongly underline that the Prosperity Party-led government and its security forces are responsible for the crime perpetrated against innocent civilians.

Last but not least, we call upon the Oromo people to intensify their struggle to clear off this rogue regime that tries to survive on the tears and blood of innocent people. We also remind our international friends and allies that a government with such an inhumane disposition could not be a dependable ally and will surely be doomed to historical oblivion sooner or later. We call upon all peace-loving people to support the victims in all possible means.

Victory to the Masses!
Oromo Liberation Front
18 October 2023

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