GSTS calls for separation of state and ruling party in Tigray

Mekelle፡ 31 October 2023(Tigray Herald)

GSTS calls for separation of state and ruling party in Tigray

The Global Society of Tigrain Scholars and Professionals calls for the termination of “deep-rooted intermingling” of political party into state apparatus in Tigrai.

In its release on Monday, GSTS revealed its concern over the current political atmosphere in Tigrai stating that it’s totally unacceptable while the people are mourning and suffering from multifaceted agonies.

The society says it believes it is the sum total of what has been practiced in the political culture of Tigrai that such unnecessary things are happening to date.

GSTS said it has been discussing with various actors in the region’s political arena to bring about a fundamental and lasting solution for the contemporary political and socio-economic crisis in which it believes political neutrality clearly separates the State from undue influence and interference from a political party will play a significant role to improve the political situation in the region.

GSTS stated it is holding intensive consultations on the issue that it believes has been paving the way for maladministration and popular dissatisfaction.

The association reiterated what is going on Tigray is disgusting and worsens the lives of the severely languished millions of IDPs and the people at large.

The scholars and professionals’ association asserted separation of political party and government lays the foundation for civilized political culture, democracy, justice, accountability, transparency and institutionalization.

The association thus calls for a swift start of inclusive political discussion for clarity and sustainable solution that it believes is a cornerstone for introducing new ways of governance and will take the people out of the ongoing existential threat.

GSTS also advised for focusing on reconstruction of the war-ravaged region and helping families of fallen heroes who lost their lives to save millions.

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