Ministry Keeps on Promoting Ethiopia’s Economy: Ambassador Meles Alem

Mekelle፡ 2 November 2023(Tigray Herald)

Ministry Keeps on Promoting Ethiopia’s Economy: Ambassador Meles Alem

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a lot of effort is being made at all levels in the area of economic diplomacy in order to boost the economy and improve the flow of foreign direct investment.
Speaking to local and international media, Ambassador Meles Alem, Spokesperson at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, discussed the diplomatic and economic diplomacy initiatives undertaken over the past two weeks and the previous three months, respectively.
According to Ambassador Meles Alem, a number of initiatives are being undertaken to encourage international businesses and investors to consider Ethiopia’s investment opportunities.
The Spokesperson said that during the quarter, Ethiopia participated in 48 investment promotion forums with a focus on boosting the flow of foreign direct investment.
He brought out the successful forums that took place in New York City, USA, and in Shanghai and Shandong, China, with over 600 enterprises in attendance.
Ambassador Meles noted that in order to put the outcomes of these forums into practice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other stakeholders have to work in unison.
More than fifty-three international investors have visited Ethiopia for pre-investment, according to Ambassador Meles, and five corporations from the US, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East have been asked to collaborate with Ethiopian businesses.
The spokesperson says that in addition to boosting travel opportunities, 33 tour operators have been asked to incorporate Ethiopia into their itineraries.
In concluding the briefing session, Ambassador Meles stated that Ethiopia intends to actively participate in a number of international conferences in the upcoming weeks.

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