TDA recognizes UNCEF’s Staff for their financial contribution.

Mekelle፡ 7th November 2023(Tigray Herald)

TDA recognizes UNCEF’s Staff for their financial contribution.

Today the TDA recognizes the UNCEF’s Staff and leadership for their financial contribution amounting 191,200 Etb following the call during the virtual fund-raising campaign held at global level with the aim to rehabilitate 50 war-devastated primary schools across Tigray.

The recognition ceremony was held at the compound of UNICEF Having mentioned that TDA is the UNICEF’s partner, and appreciated the work it’s doing, Mr. Matteo Frontini, head of the UNICEF, during an interview with TDA’s PR, said that he was so happy with the recognition from TDA and the contribution the staff made, and meanwhile urged all UN organizations to join hands to help the causes of TDA.

Lauding what TDA is performing in Tigray, Mr. Atakilti Fiseha, the organizer and staff member of UNICEF, on his part, also said that since the damages perpetrated on the schools and other infrastructures are colossal, everyone, government and non-government organizations, must contribute to the TDA’s efforts in rehabilitating them.

Mr. Atakilti added that the staff would continue to provide similar supports depending on the projects TDA plans to execute so as to rehabilitate and rebuild the Tigray region.

It’s important to mention that the TDA and UNICEF are working together to scale up the nutrition project and hydroponic farming technology they are implementing in order to address the issues of stunting, malnutrition and food shortages in Tigray.

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