Urgent Call for Humanitarian Aid in Tigray, Particularly Tuanqa Abergele

Mekelle፡ 16 November 2023(Tigray Herald)

Urgent Call for Humanitarian Aid in Tigray, Particularly Tuanqa Abergele

World Food Programme
World Health Organization (WHO)

I hope this message finds you in a good spirit. I am writing to bring your attention to a dire humanitarian situation unfolding in Tigray, specifically in the central region of Tuanqa Abergele.

As of today, the people of Tigray, particularly in Tuanqa Abergele, are facing a severe hunger crisis, leading to a devastating impact on the community. According to reports aproximately 4,400 students have been forced to leave schools in search of food, highlighting the urgency of the situation.

Additionally, reports indicate a cholera outbreak affecting the people in Raya, exacerbating the already critical conditions. The need for immediate response and assistance cannot be overstated.

While assurances have been made by organizations such as USAID and WFP regarding the initiation of food aid, the current circumstances demand swift and direct action. Lives are at stake, and the situation is rapidly deteriorating.

I urge WFP to expedite the delivery of food aid and medical assistance to Tuanqa Abergele and other affected areas in Tigray. Your prompt intervention can make a significant difference in alleviating the suffering of the people who are currently in distress.

Time is of the essence, and I implore WFP to leverage all available resources to provide the necessary aid to those in need. The international community is counting on your support to address this humanitarian crisis promptly.

Thank you for your attention and commitment to saving lives.


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