A letter writtent to Mr. Bob Geldof regarding the dire situation in Tanqua Abergele.

MekelleŠć° 25 November 2023(Tigray Herald)

A letter writtent Mr. Bob Geldof regarding the dire situation in Tanqua Abergele.

I hope this letter finds you well. My name is Baruck Hashem, and I am writing to you on behalf of the distressed community in Tigrai, particularly in Tanqua Abergele. I am sure you remember the significant impact you made in 1977, saving lives and providing hope to the people of Tigrai.

Unfortunately, I find myself compelled to bring to your attention the dire situation that has unfolded in Tigrai once again. The people, especially the Tigrayan farmers in Tanqua Abergele, are facing a severe humanitarian crisis. The 2015 harvest was marred by a shortage of rain, lack of fertilizer, and unseasoned rainfall that spoiled the crops in the fields.

As a result, many farmers are left with only a month’s worth of food, and the situation is becoming increasingly desperate. Families are being torn apart as individuals leave their villages in search of food, students abandon their education to find sustenance, and parents are forced to sell their livestock at a fraction of its value to purchase essential provisions.

I have personally been in Abergelle for the past three weeks and can attest to the gravity of the situation. The consequences of this man-made hunger are devastating, with mothers, children, and elders in Tanqua Abergele succumbing to the harsh realities of famine. Till the moment i was writing this letter  210 civilians died because of hunger.

While we appreciate the commitments made by organizations such as USAID and WFP, the urgency of the situation cannot be overstated. The promised food aid, though welcomed, is yet to reach Tigrai, and every passing day increases the risk of thousands of Tigrayans losing their lives due to hunger.

In light of these circumstances, I am reaching out to strategic friends of the Tigrai people, including yourself, with a heartfelt plea for support. Your influence and dedication to humanitarian causes are well-known, and we believe that your involvement could make a significant difference in alleviating the suffering of the people in Tanqua Abergele.

I kindly request your support in raising awareness about this crisis, mobilizing resources, and urging the international community to expedite the delivery of much-needed aid to Tigrai. Your compassion and advocacy can play a crucial role in preventing further loss of lives and providing a lifeline to those in desperate need.

Thank you for considering this urgent appeal, and I am hopeful that your compassion and commitment to humanity will once again shine through in the face of this humanitarian crisis.


Baruck Hashem
Mekelle, Tigray.

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