Tigre Tigrayan the destroyer of the Akusmite (Geez) civilization

Tigre Tigrayan the destroyer of the Akusmite (Geez) civilization

Mekelle: 23 December 2023 (Tigray Herald(

By Getachew Reda

Recently, many people have followed my arguments on the subject and asked me to explain to them exactly who the natives of Tigray were and their contribution to the Aksum civilization. And here is my answer for those who are interested.

This review was originally posted on the Ethiopian Sky BlogSpot many years ago. Now I find it necessary to re-post because of the audacity of many Tigray extremist nationalists who claim that Aksum civilization is mine alone. So to clear up some confusion on the subject, I feel compelled to re-post it here on Agazian’s website, a website run by Dr. Aregawi Mebrahtu and his colleagues organized in the ውድብ ብሔረ ኣግኣዚ /  Agaezi National Union Party/, a website that allows you to browse for free ideas.

Who are the Tigrayans/Tigre and Tigrigna (Eritrean Tigrigna speaking ethnic?

They are one and the same, except one is disintegrated from the other by the culprits known as Sha’abia and Woyane. These are two puppet organizations created by the CIA  in 1969 (for Sha’abia) and shortly after  for Woyane. The two have been created, organized, armed and fed for 30/ and 17 years by the CIA to destroy and dismember Ethiopia as one nation, and in order to break it up on fabricated tribal basis.  Few Ethiopian scholars wrote a number of articles on the CIA War against Ethiopia and in particular on how Richard Copeland created the EPLF in 1969, and shortly after- the TPLF-Woyane! 

These two organization are mercenary banda that do not  stand by themselves once the CIA backing is removed. The fact the Woyane bit the so much publicised Sha’abia force when the large forces of the Emperor and the Derg were unable to do it, is an obvious proof of that. Today  Woyane has accumulated and appropriated the entire wealth of Ethiopia and appears strong , but even Woyane has been  deserted by the entire population of Tigrai  and has been deprived of its power base  by the split into two of the party.

Other than that  before ceding the entire Tigrai and Mereb Melash to these CIA mercenaries who have  played with the fire of Tribalism, you have to ask who are the Tigrai. The very name Tigrai means nomadic pastoralists. The Tigrai were in origin Semitic speaking Tigre nomadic pastoralists leaving in the northern and north-eastern arid desertic lowlands of Mereb Melash in Axumite times. They had tried just like the Oromo in later period in the south east to invade and settle on the  highlands of Mereb Melash, but were repeatedly repealed by the Ge’ez Axumite Emperor.

        In the 6th century we have the well known expedition of the Axumite Emperor Kaleb in Arabia to stop the persecution of Christians by the Jews. Kaleb’s generals have conquered the region and established peace for quite a considerable time until in the end the Arabs and perhaps the Jews had called for the intervention of the Sassanid Persian power (Iranian dynasty)  which  had intervened and crashed the Ethiopian forces and chased them away out of Arabia . 

The Persians and their Arab supporters are believed to have followed the Ethiopians across the sea up to the Ethiopian coast. Either at this time or sometime later following the rise of Muslim Arab imperialism in the 7th century, the great Axumite port of Adulis on the Red Sea was destroyed to ashes. Mind you Ethiopia controlled the entire Red Sea and Gulf of Aden coast for thousands of years in ancient pre-Christian times.

Following the destruction of Adulis or simultaneously takes places the destruction of Axum itself and the end of Ge’ez  Axumite civilization. It is generally believed that either the Persians or the Muslim Arab imperialists had bought the alliance, as usual of the nomadic Tigrai pastoralists in order to invade Axum at that hour of distress and weakness, and the same Tigrai have chosen the occasion to over-run first the highlands of Mereb Melash Bogos , Hamassein, Serae and Akle Guzai and then cross the Mereb to invade Axum and destroy Axumite power and Axumite Geez  civilization, culture, language and religion. In fact from that time onward there shall be no civilization. From now on we hear for the first time of the “Tigrai and the Tigrigna language”. (here, therefore, creating alliance with enemy of Axum (Ethiopia) as Weyane did with Shaabia to destroy and landlocked Axum (Ethiopia) was not new character of the Tigre)

We have thousands of inscriptions belonging to Axumite and pre-Axumite period with numerous names of places and peoples.  But we have never heard mention of a people called Tigrai, until after the destruction of Axum and its invasion by the Tigrai/Tigre. In historical geography the earliest limit of the territory occupied by the Tigre or Tigrai  is believed to be in south Wer’i Melash and Adowa in the east.

Thus ancient Tigrai following the destruction of Axum is believed to have consisted of Axum up to Wer’i Melash and extending to the west up to Adwa  from where the Weyane have come. Indeed until the reign of Menelik that was the limit of the jurisdiction of what was called Tigrai proper.

Because of the proximity of Adowa to Mereb  and Mereb Melash  the close relationship between the two may date back to that ancient happening.  However, following the destruction of Axum the Tigrai nomadic pastoralists have not stopped their migration. They are believed to have  continued to migrate further south engulfing other peoples, mainly Agaw and non –Agaw peoples ( in what is to-day called Tigrai)  and continued perhaps to migrate as far south and to the of center Ethiopia……

As a result of its historical origin as nomadic and its  record as the destroyer of the Axumite civilization (notwithstanding Woyane TPLF claim to represent Axumite civilization while at the same time abhor the Geez culture, language and alphabet), for all these reasons,  the name Tigrai does not inspire  pride and honor among the ancient peoples of Ethiopia to-day included in what is called Tigrai including Agame, Enderta , Tembien do not accept to be  associated with the name Tigrai or that of the TPLF. This in short is the background of the Tigrai.

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