Mekelle: 25 December 2023 (Tigray Herald)

By Yerga Yaecobe


DBS/CRB Mandatory Policy Document

Date: [Insert Date]


In alignment with our commitment to fostering a safe and secure environment within the MENEBRE SELAMA KASATE BIRHAN ORTODOX TEWAHEDO CHURCH OF TIGRAY, this policy outlines the mandatory procedures for conducting Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks, formerly known as Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks. The implementation of this policy is crucial for the prevention of criminal activities within our religious institution.


The primary purpose of this policy is to ensure the thorough vetting of individuals associated with the MENEBRE SELAMA KASATE BIRHAN ORTODOX TEWAHEDO CHURCH OF TIGRAY, including current and potential employees, volunteers, and anyone in a position of trust. By adopting a stringent DBS checking process, we aim to maintain a secure environment and safeguard the well-being of our congregation.

DBS Checks Overview:

DBS checks serve as a comprehensive tool for assessing the criminal records of individuals. Originating from the merger of the Criminal Records Bureau and the Independent Safeguarding Authority, the Disclosure and Barring Service plays a pivotal role in vetting processes.

Vetting Process:

The vetting process involves a meticulous examination of an individual’s criminal history, ensuring that those with a potential risk of harm or criminal background are identified. This process is essential for maintaining the integrity and safety of our religious institution.

Implementation Steps:

Identification of Positions Requiring DBS Checks:
Clearly define the roles within MENEBRE SELAMA KASATE BIRHAN ORTODOX TEWAHEDO CHURCH OF TIGRAY that necessitate a DBS check, including but not limited to clergy members, employees, volunteers working with vulnerable groups, and individuals in positions of responsibility.

Informing Individuals:
Clearly communicate to all relevant individuals that a DBS check is mandatory for their role within the institution. Provide information on the purpose and process of the check, ensuring transparency.

Application Process:
Establish a streamlined application process for DBS checks, guiding individuals through the necessary steps to complete the required documentation. Ensure that all necessary information is collected accurately.

Confidentiality and Data Protection:
Emphasize the confidential nature of the DBS check results. Implement robust data protection measures to safeguard the sensitive information obtained during the vetting process.

Review and Decision-Making:
Designate a responsible individual or committee to review DBS check results. Clearly define the criteria for assessing suitability and make decisions based on a balanced consideration of the individual’s circumstances.

Record Keeping:
Maintain detailed records of all DBS checks conducted, including outcomes and decisions made. Ensure that these records are securely stored and easily accessible for auditing purposes.

Review and Revision:

Regularly review and, if necessary, revise this DBS/CRB Mandatory Policy Document to align with legal requirements, changes in DBS procedures, and the evolving needs of MENEBRE SELAMA KASATE BIRHAN ORTODOX TEWAHEDO CHURCH OF TIGRAY.

This policy underscores our unwavering commitment to creating a safe and secure environment for our community members, upholding the values of transparency, accountability, and responsibility within our religious institution.

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