reviewing and considering closure of mining company activities in Tigray

Mekelle: 25 December 2023 (Tigray Herald)

By Yerga Yaecobe

reviewing and considering closure of mining company activities in Tigray
temporary closure is a solution

Addressing illegal mining in post-genocide Tigray requires a multifaceted strategy involving government intervention, community engagement, and international cooperation. Here’s a comprehensive plan:

Legal Framework Strengthening:

Enforce strict regulations and penalties for illegal mining activities.
Revise and update mining laws to address current challenges and close loopholes.
Enhance transparency in the licensing process to prevent infiltration by criminal elements.
Security Measures:

Deploy security forces to monitor and patrol mining areas, ensuring compliance with regulations.
Collaborate with local communities to establish community policing initiatives.
Utilize technology such as surveillance cameras and drones for enhanced monitoring.
Community Empowerment:

Educate local communities about the detrimental effects of illegal mining on society.
Establish community-based watchdog groups to report suspicious activities.
Create alternative livelihood programs to reduce dependency on illegal mining for income.
International Cooperation:

Collaborate with neighboring regions and countries to share intelligence and resources.
Seek international assistance to monitor and regulate cross-border movements of illegal minerals.
Engage with international organizations to support capacity-building initiatives.
Economic Reforms:

Diversify the local economy to reduce reliance on mining as the primary source of income.
Encourage the development of sustainable industries that create employment opportunities.
Provide incentives for legal and responsible mining practices.
Anti-Corruption Measures:

Implement measures to curb corruption within regulatory bodies overseeing mining activities.
Conduct regular audits of mining companies to ensure compliance with ethical standards.
Encourage whistleblowing mechanisms to report corrupt practices.
Justice and Accountability:

Establish a specialized legal framework to prosecute individuals involved in illegal mining and associated criminal activities.
Collaborate with international tribunals to address crimes related to genocide entrepreneurs.
Ensure fair and transparent legal proceedings to build trust in the justice system.
Environmental Protection:

Enforce strict environmental regulations to minimize the ecological impact of mining.
Promote sustainable mining practices that prioritize environmental conservation.
Implement rehabilitation programs for areas affected by illegal mining activities.
Public Awareness Campaigns:

Conduct awareness campaigns to inform the public about the consequences of supporting illegal mining.
Promote the importance of responsible mining practices and ethical consumer choices.
Reconciliation and Social Healing:

Invest in programs that promote reconciliation and healing in post-genocide Tigray.
Engage in dialogue with affected communities to address grievances and build trust.
Foster a sense of unity and shared responsibility for the well-being of society.
Implementing this comprehensive strategy requires coordinated efforts from government agencies, local communities, and international partners to create a sustainable and secure environment in post-genocide Tigray.

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