Urgent Appeal for Protection of Ancient Aksumite Knowledge Bearers in Tigray

Mekelle: 27 December 2023 (Tigray Herald)

Urgent Appeal for Protection of Ancient Aksumite Knowledge Bearers in Tigray

Yacobe Yerga

Dear @Getachew Reda Kahsay  president  of Tigray.

I am writing to bring to your attention a matter of utmost urgency concerning the invaluable ancient Aksumite knowledge bearers, particularly the goldsmiths and ancient metal workers in Tigray. These custodians of our rich heritage are facing severe threats to their survival, marked by discriminatory practices and abuses perpetrated, notably by certain religious leaders within the Tigray Orthodox Church, including church priests.

The issue at hand extends beyond mere isolated incidents; it has evolved into a generational pattern of discrimination that poses a serious threat to the preservation of our ancient historical and traditional technologies. In response to this pressing concern, the Civic Association of Tigray has been established to counteract discrimination and any activities against its members. It is essential to note that this association is a legally registered civic organization in Tigray.

The challenges faced by the ancient knowledge bearers are not confined to discriminatory actions but also encompass a broader cultural backwardness mindset prevailing in Tigrayan society. It is imperative to address and overcome this mindset to ensure the safeguarding of our cultural treasures.

The individuals who embody the core values of the Aksumite civilizations are a source of pride for all Tigrayans. They deserve utmost respect and gratitude from the entire Tigrayan community, with zero tolerance for any form of discriminatory activity against them. In light of this, we urge the Tigray government to employ all available means to protect the members of the Civic Association of Tigray.

These knowledge bearers are not just individuals; they represent a living link to our heritage and contribute significantly to our cultural identity. It is the duty of the government to ensure their protection and foster an environment where their skills and wisdom can be passed down to future generations without hindrance.

our members has been killed by the church priest’s bad and yet he’s encouraging others to kill our members
this backward and evil Madness must be stop immediately justice has to be served for all Tigrayan.
We trust that you will give this matter the attention it deserves and take swift and decisive actions to protect these essential members of our community.


Yacobe Yerga

a member and representative of the association at the international levels

if this urgent matter has not going to solve immediately we are going to take it to the highest level to  international  human right organisation and mainstream Media enough enough.

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