Transforming Aksum to peaceful and tourist attraction City

Mekelle: 28 December 2023 (Tigray Herald)

Transforming Aksum to peaceful and tourist attraction City

To transform the historic and religious city of Aksum into a more peaceful and attractive tourist destination, a comprehensive strategy can be implemented. Drawing inspiration from cities like Jerusalem and Vatican City, here are some potential solutions:

Community Engagement and Education:

Initiate community-based programs to educate residents about the historical and religious significance of Aksum.
Promote a sense of pride and ownership among locals for their city’s heritage.
Conduct workshops and seminars on the negative impact of nightclub disturbances, gambling, illegal drugs, smoking shisha, and chewing khat on the city’s reputation.

Strict Regulatory Measures:

strengthen existing regulations related to nightlife, gambling, and substance use.
Implement a licensing system for businesses, ensuring that establishments comply with rules and regulations.
Increase penalties for violations to act as a deterrent.
Public Awareness Campaigns:

Launch campaigns highlighting the cultural and religious significance of Aksum.
Showcase success stories of other cities that have successfully maintained a peaceful and historic ambiance.
Use various media channels to disseminate information about the new regulations and their importance.
Tourist-Friendly Initiatives:

Develop and promote tourist-friendly activities and attractions that align with the city’s cultural and religious identity.
Establish guided tours, cultural events, and interactive experiences to enhance the overall visitor experience.
Collaborate with local businesses to create a welcoming environment for tourists.
Law Enforcement Collaboration:

Work closely with law enforcement agencies to ensure effective implementation of regulations.
Establish special task forces dedicated to monitoring and addressing issues related to nightlife, gambling, and substance use.
Foster collaboration between the community and law enforcement for a collective approach to maintaining order.
Investment in Alternative Entertainment:

Enforce strict regulations on the establishment and operation of nightclubs, ensuring they adhere to noise and disturbance guidelines.
Implement and strengthen laws against illegal drugs, smoking shisha, and chewing khat within the city limits.
Introduce fines and penalties for businesses violating these regulations to create a deterrent.

Tourism Promotion
Encourage the development of alternative entertainment options that align with the city’s cultural and religious values.
Support local artists, musicians, and performers to showcase traditional and culturally rich entertainment.
Create designated zones for entertainment that is in harmony with the city’s heritage.
Public Spaces and Infrastructure Development:

Invest in the development of public spaces that promote a peaceful and contemplative atmosphere.
Upgrade infrastructure to accommodate increased tourism while preserving the city’s historical integrity.
Implement green spaces, pedestrian-friendly zones, and well-maintained public areas.

Including creation and maintenance of public spaces and parks, providing residents and tourists with peaceful areas for recreation.
Organize cultural events and performances in these spaces to foster a sense of community and pride.
Security Measures:
Collaboration with Religious Leaders:

Engage religious leaders in promoting the values and traditions of Aksum.
Seek their support in discouraging activities that contradict the city’s religious ethos.
Establish partnerships for community-led initiatives that align with religious teachings.
By combining these strategies, Aksum can strive to create a harmonious balance between preserving its rich history and attracting tourists for a peaceful and culturally immersive experience.

Collaborate with religious institutions to reinforce the city’s cultural values and discourage activities that contradict religious teachings.
Seek the support of religious leaders in promoting a peaceful and respectful environment.
By implementing these measures, Aksum can create a harmonious atmosphere that attracts tourists seeking a serene and culturally rich experience, similar to the renowned religious cities of Jerusalem and Vatican City.

Jerusalem’s Vs Vatican Vs Aksum.

1.What is the source of income in the Vatican city?
With 5 million people a year visiting the Vatican, and the most basic entry tickets costing 16 euro each, that’s a cool 80 million a year they’re making. Minimum. We think they’re probably doing alright without public taxes. Additionally, the clergy living in the Vatican have a very modest paycheque.
How much does Jerusalem’s  make from Tourism’s?
annual tourist Revenue in Jerusalem
It is no surprise tourism is one of the key drivers of Jerusalem’s economy. Tourists to Jerusalem bring over 1.3 billion shekels into the economy, support over 2,000 businesses, and creates an estimated 20,000 jobs in Jerusalem.

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