An Ignored Famine: Understanding Tigray’s Humanitarian Emergency

Mekelle: 31 December 2023 (Tigray Herald)

An Ignored Famine: Understanding Tigray’s Humanitarian Emergency

Hunger exacerbates the living conditions of elderlies and Chronic diseases patients in many drought attacted part of Tigray

A harrowing crisis of starvation casts a dark shadow over the future of students in Maychew district, Southern Tigrai.

As the result of the drought coused
hunger makes it difficult for many families to send their kids to school every day. The continued starvation in Tigray has left students without hope after three years without school.

The holiday season becomes harder for Americans of Tigrayan descent since our families are starving to death in Tigray diaspora community says. The US government should exert pressure on the World Food Program Chief  & Samanata Power USAID Director, to start providing relief again in order to save lives.

The International Community cannot turn its back on the people of Tigray. Children under five, pregnant & nursing mothers are suffering from acute malnutrition.  They are in immediate need of aid NOW!


ADP slams UN, US, EU for Statement on Algiers Agreement Anniversary
Assimba Democratic Party issued a statement Tuesday afternoon to denounce UN, EU and EU for their statement on the 23rd anniversary of the Algiers Agreement.

ADP called the agreement void. “Eritrea itself has violated the agreement invading Tigray in 2021 and commit genocide.” Statement said.

Last week Tuesday, US Department of State issued a statement on the 23rd anniversary of the Algiers Agreement that concluded the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea in 2000.

“In 2018, in a historic peace agreement, both countries recommitted to respect the borders as established.  On this anniversary, it is more important than ever that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of both countries be respected.  The United States reiterates our support for the Algiers Agreement and encourages Ethiopia and Eritrea to work together, in the spirit of the peace they forged, toward a more stable and prosperous region.” the statement read.

The party also highlighted that the Irob community was expressing opposition against the agreement that decides the minority in two countries “Violating International laws”.

ADP also called upon the immediate withdrawal of Eritrean forces from Tigrayan territories as per the Pretoria Agreement signed between Ethiopia Federal government and the TPLF in November 2022.

Irob Anina Advocacy group last week also expressed disappointment with US stance and call for accountability for crimes committed in Tigray.

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