Residents of Gulo Mekeda district Eastern Tigray state they are under security threat

Mekelle:  6 December 2023 (Tigray Herald)

Residents of Gulo Mekeda district Eastern Tigray state they are under security threat

The residents in Gulo Makeda district,told Tigray television that Eritrean forces enter to their localities and continue to pose security threat on their daily lives.

They stress uncertainty has clouded their future.

“We can’t make a daily living because we don’t know what will happen tomorrow.We couldn’t settle until this very moment ” says a Woman residing in Sobeya who doesn’t want her name to be mentioned for the security reasons.

Deputy District administrator and Head for Economic Sector in Gulumekeda district, Kidane says six vicinities of the district are still under enemy and the Eritrean  forces have abducted 48 Tigrayans since the aftermath of the peace accord.

The Head for the Economic Sector also states the interrupted and irregular rain received during the rainy season has resulted in extrem drought and crop failure especially in Fredashum,Haben and Hayelom vicinities of the district .

Kidane adds the Eritrean forces who forcefully occupied the Tigrayan territories have recently expelled more than 487 civilians from Marta vicinity .

He stated the Eritrean regime gave them an option to either get Eritrean Identity or leave the area if they don’t.

The deputy administrator also said more than 28,100 population in six vicinities are under occupation by Eritrean forces. 

The vice head stated 4 persons have died due to starvation in Sobeya, Fredashum and Shewit lemlem vicinities in Gulomekeda.

He also stated students are  interrupting school with 179 drop out confirmed so far .

According to him the drought and lack of food has also resulted in death and diseases to the animals.

Reiterating on the ongoing security threat kidane says 48 people have been kiddnaped only since the signing of peace accord and many continue to live under existential threat .

The drought has also severly hit women and lactating mothers in the district .

Abeba (Name changed ) ,now  residing in Sobeya , says her 14 months old daughter weighs 6 kg beleow the average level .

Despite repeatedly visiting nearby health centers, the nursing woman says she couldn’t get proper medical service for her malnouritied daughter.

She says life has become worrisome for the family of eight as her belongings were also looted by Eritrean forces during the active conflict.

Mulu Hagos, an elderly woman who resides in Fredashum vicinity calls on the concerned bodies for help .

“We survived the deadly war .But, we are on the brink of  annihilation due to hunger ” says the old woman whose properties were pillaged by invaders .

Hagos (Name changed) also emphasis for a swift solution by the Ethiopian Government  to end the security threat that is forcing the productive age for migration .

@SolomonBerheR reports from Adigrat

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