The ongoing Hunger in Tigray has posed existential threat, says TIP

Mekelle:  15 December 2023 (Tigray Herald)

The ongoing Hunger in Tigray has posed existential threat, says TIP

In a statement issued yesterday, an opposition based in Mekelle, Tigray Independence Party (TIP) said the ongoing Hunger in Tigray has posed existential threat to Tigrians.

“The hunger in Tigray has positioned our continuity and presence as people into a question as it has already started claiming the lives of children, lactating women and elderlies”, read the statement.

The party, in its press release, noted the situation in Tigray is heartbreaking .

It called for concerted efforts to culminate the melancholy Tigrians face in the aftermath of the deadly conflict.

TIP reiterated its solidarity with Tigray Emergency Response while calling for further efforts to work with responsibility, integrity and commitment.

It also point out the need for transparency and accountability in its activities.

While grateful to Eritreans who have been extending their hands for help, TIP demands further brotherly support.

The party also underscored on the necessity of the undue support from the international community and for the improvement of the mechanisms to engage the IC in the fight against the famine.

TIP recalls the deadly Tigray-war has claimed more than million lives in addition to the possessions ruined and pillaged leaving a long-lasting stain in the mind every Tigrian.

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