Empowering Tigray University Scholars: A Strategic Approach to Address Post-Genocide Challenges

Mekelle:  17 December 2023 (Tigray Herald)

Empowering Tigray University Scholars: A Strategic Approach to Address Post-Genocide Challenges

By Yerga Yaecobe

In the wake of the post-genocide Tigray, it is imperative for Tigray university scholars to play a pivotal role in addressing the challenges faced by their community. This comprehensive strategy focuses on harnessing the power of positive provocation and a strong appeal to all Tigray university scholars, encouraging them to actively engage in practical problem-solving initiatives through individual or collective efforts.

Encourage Tigray university scholars to unite in addressing post-genocide challenges. Establish an online journal to publish articles in English, elevating Tigray’s cause globally. Learn from Jewish Scholars on post-Holocaust narratives for effective storytelling. Promote community involvement and practical solutions for Tigray’s recovery through individual and collective initiatives. Develop a strategic national narrative to garner international support and shed light on post-genocide Tigray experiences.

Positive Provocation:

Embrace a Proactive Mindset: Tigray university scholars should cultivate a proactive mindset, acknowledging the urgency of addressing post-genocide challenges and realizing the potential impact of their collective efforts.

Inspire Leadership: Encourage scholars to step into leadership roles, fostering a sense of responsibility towards the broader Tigray community. Leadership can be both individual and collective, with a focus on driving positive change.

Strong Appeal to All Tigray University Scholars:

Unity in Diversity: Emphasize the strength that lies in unity among Tigray university scholars, transcending disciplinary boundaries. A collective effort enables a more comprehensive and impactful response to post-genocide challenges.

Leverage Expertise: Encourage scholars to leverage their diverse academic backgrounds and expertise to develop innovative solutions for the multifaceted issues faced by Tigray post-genocide.

Community Involvement:

Engage with Local Communities: Foster a sense of community engagement by encouraging scholars to actively collaborate with local communities in Tigray. This includes understanding their unique challenges and working collaboratively towards sustainable solutions.

Empower Through Education: Initiate educational programs that empower local communities, providing them with tools and knowledge to rebuild and sustain themselves after the devastation of genocide.

Practical Problem-Solving Solutions:

Establish Online Journals: Tigray university scholars can contribute significantly by establishing their own online journals. These platforms serve as repositories for research articles, practical solutions, and insightful analyses related to post-genocide challenges in Tigray.

Promote E-Journals Internationally: Actively publicize the journals on international platforms, leveraging English as the global language for dissemination. This ensures that the strategic Tigray cause reaches a wider audience and garners international support.

By adopting a critical and professional approach, Tigray university scholars can elevate their impact in addressing post-genocide challenges. Through positive provocation, a strong appeal for unity, and practical problem-solving initiatives, scholars can contribute to the advancement of the strategic Tigray cause on the international stage. The establishment of online journals, including E-journals, serves as a powerful tool to share insights, solutions, and narratives that amplify the collective voice of Tigray scholars, driving change at the global level.

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