Strategic Collaboration and Partnership Proposal for Tigray University Scholars

Mekelle:  17 December 2023 (Tigray Herald)

By Yerega Yaecobe

Strategic Collaboration and Partnership Proposal for Tigray University Scholars

Dear Tigray University Scholars,

In light of the ongoing challenges faced by the Tigray region and the imperative need for international recognition and support, we propose a comprehensive strategy that leverages collaboration and partnership to advance the Tigray cause to international levels. Our approach focuses on a collective initiative involving Tighat Media, renowned for its specialization in documenting the Tigray genocide, and collaborative efforts with international human rights institutions, particularly those associated with Holocaust studies.

To elevate the Tigray cause to the international stage, drawing parallels with the Holocaust narrative and gaining global acceptance through strategic collaboration and partnership.


Collaboration with Tighat Media:

Forge a strategic partnership with Tighat Media to consolidate and disseminate well-documented evidence of the Tigray genocide.
Utilize Tighat Media’s international network to amplify the voices of Tigray scholars and ensure widespread awareness.
International Human Rights Institution Collaboration:

Establish connections with reputable international human rights institutions to garner support for Tigray.
Collaborate on joint initiatives, conferences, and publications to highlight the urgency of the situation in Tigray.
Holocaust Institution Partnership:

Establish ties with Holocaust institutions, drawing inspiration from their success in gaining global recognition for historical atrocities.
Learn from Jewish scholars’ experiences in shaping post-Holocaust narratives to craft compelling post-genocide Tigray narratives.
Strategic Tigray National Narratives:

Develop and disseminate a cohesive narrative that encapsulates the history, culture, and resilience of the Tigray people.
Engage scholars in shaping these narratives to reflect the aspirations and challenges faced by the Tigray region.
Lessons from Jewish Scholars:

Facilitate interactions between Tigray scholars and Jewish scholars who have played pivotal roles in post-Holocaust narratives.
Gain insights into effective strategies employed by Jewish scholars to attain international acceptance.

Organize international conferences and symposiums to present Tigray’s case, inviting scholars, policymakers, and human rights activists.
Leverage digital platforms and mainstream media to amplify the Tigray narrative globally.
Expected Outcomes:

Increased international awareness and empathy for the Tigray cause.
Establishment of a robust network of supporters and advocates.
Integration of Tigray narratives into global discussions on genocide and human rights.
This proposal aims to unite Tigray University scholars in a collective effort to champion the cause of Tigray at the global level, drawing inspiration from successful models such as Holocaust awareness. Your collaboration and commitment are crucial in ensuring the success of this initiative.

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