Displaced Persons from western Tigray are currently engaged a public demonstrations across different towns

By Raya Rayuma

Mekelle:  22 January 2024 (Tigray Herald)

In a powerful display of desperation and resilience, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from western Tigray are currently engaged in widespread public demonstrations across different towns in the region. The demonstrators, representing diverse age groups, are rallying under urgent themes that underscore the gravity of their plight.

The key themes of the demonstration include a fervent plea to be returned to their villages, a demand for the full implementation of the Pretoria agreement, and a call for the federal government of Ethiopia and the Interim government of Tigray to fulfill their duties. They also highlight the critical issues of inadequate access to medicine, the looming threat of starvation despite surviving bullets, and a plea for the safeguarding and respect of Tigray’s national integrity and sovereignty.

In Shire Endassilasie, a heart-wrenching testimony from a displaced mother from Humera resonates through the crowd.

    “Our plates are empty, give us food. The government seems indifferent to our plight, and those who once provided aid are now starving alongside us. Save us,” she implores.

Adding significant weight to the demonstration, His Holiness Abune Nathaniel, the Bishop of Western Tigray, has physically joined the protesters in a show of solidarity with the displaced population.

The demonstrators collectively demand immediate action from international humanitarian organizations, the Tigray interim government, the Tigray diaspora community, the federal government, and the broader international community to fully implement the Pretoria agreement. They emphasize the urgent need to halt the silent killings occurring in western Tigray, shedding light on a crisis that demands immediate attention.

As the echoes of their slogans reverberate through the main squares of these towns, the world is urged to take notice and respond urgently to address the escalating humanitarian crisis in western Tigray.

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