Special attention To Gheralta Institution For Research Peace and Security Tigray.

Mekelle:  29 January 2024 (Tigray Herald)

By Yaecobe Yerega

“Special attention To Gheralta Institution For Research Peace and Security Tigray.

Addressing political polarization and social deterioration in post-genocide Tigray requires a multifaceted approach, encompassing perspective taking, political consensus, and fostering a united identity.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission:

Establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to investigate and address historical grievances, fostering a shared understanding of past events.

Perspective Taking Strategy:

Establish platforms for dialogue and open discussions that encourage individuals to understand diverse perspectives.
Implement educational programs to promote empathy and understanding of the historical and cultural context that shapes different viewpoints.
Implement media reforms to ensure unbiased reporting and responsible journalism, countering the spread of misinformation that contributes to polarization.
Encourage media outlets to provide balanced coverage, showcasing various opinions and promoting critical thinking.
Political Consensus Strategy:

Facilitate inclusive political forums that bring together representatives from various political factions to seek common ground.
Develop transparent decision-making processes that involve input from diverse political groups, ensuring inclusivity.
Emphasize the importance of national interest over individual or party interests to foster a sense of shared purpose.
National Unity Building:

Promote a sense of national identity that transcends political affiliations, focusing on shared values, history, and cultural heritage.
Support initiatives that highlight the interconnectedness of Tigrayans, emphasizing a collective responsibility for the region’s well-being.
Foster community engagement through cultural events, educational programs, and collaborative projects that strengthen social bonds.
Preventing the Blaming Game:

Establish a culture of accountability where individuals take responsibility for their actions without fear of retribution.
Implement conflict resolution and mediation programs to address grievances and disputes promptly.
Emphasize the importance of learning from mistakes, promoting a growth mindset and continuous improvement.
Unit of Purpose:

Hold political leaders accountable for their actions, promoting transparency and integrity in governance to regain public trust.
Position the Tigray Defense Forces (TDF) as a unifying force, safeguarding national interests and security. Position the TDF as guardians of national interest and security, emphasizing their role in protecting Tigray’s sovereignty and unity.
Communicate a clear and inclusive vision for Tigray’s future, emphasizing the role of every Tigrayan in contributing to its prosperity.

Encourage grassroots community engagement programs that foster cooperation and collaboration, building social bonds and resilience against divisive forces.
Collaborate closely with the Tigrayan diaspora community, leveraging their resources and expertise for the benefit of Tigray.
Collaboration with Diaspora:

Establish channels for effective communication and collaboration between Tigray and the diaspora community.
Leverage the skills, networks, and resources of the diaspora to support economic development, education, and healthcare initiatives in Tigray.
Encourage the diaspora to play an active role in advocating for Tigray on the international stage.
By integrating these strategies, Tigray can work towards healing divisions, fostering unity, and building a resilient society that transcends political polarization and ensures a brighter future for all Tigrayans.

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