Ethiopia will win back its historical right to the Red Sea”.

Mekelle:  6 February 2024 (Tigray Herald)

Ethiopia has no intention of causing harm to Somalia. Pm Aby Ahmed.

The people of Ethiopia and Somalia are bound byblood. Many Ethiopians have died for the peace ofSomalia. No country has paid as much as Ethiopia forthe peace of Somalia.

This is because the peace ofSomalia is the peace of Ethiopia. Therefore, thefriendship between the two countries is profound.Ethiopia, being a friend, does not wish any harm tocome upon Somalia.

Ethiopia does not acknowledgewar against any country in principle. However, someforces are trying to incite conflict between the twonations, which should not happen.

Our request is forsea access based on mutual benefit. This is useful notonly for Ethiopia but also for regional cooperation says Abiy Ahmed (PHD), FDRE Prime Minister at the today’s parliament sesion.

Aby added Peace is essential to all that we aspire to achieve. Key issues disrupting our peace include: 1. failure to express political interests through peaceful means; 2. dwindling commitment to reconciliation efforts 3. tendency to sabotage peaceful outcomes with traps.”

Even though the Primier says like that,Field Marshal Berhanu Jula made incendiary comments referring to Somalia as “historical enemy” and stated “ Ethiopia will win back its historical right to the Red Sea”.

Ethiopia’s Field Marshal Berhanu Jula, Chief of the ENDF, announces the national army is fortified & ready to defend against all attacks. He warns against those aligning with “internal traitors” against Ethiopia’s interests, highlighting efforts to disrupt peaceful Red Sea access initiatives by “historical enemies.” The nation stands united for sovereignty & peace.

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